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Music of Earl Miller Goodman

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Earl Miller Goodman

Earl Miller Goodman

 1952 – 2014

Enjoy and listen to the created works of Miller Goodman. Miller performed and recorded his first songs when he was 4 years old in 1956. Since then he has performed, produced, and composed music for every walk of life. The jukebox here plays random songs he has recorded over the past years. Earl Miller Goodman left this world April 2nd at 5:45pm.
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4 thoughts on “Music of Earl Miller Goodman”

  1. We love you and know that you are in our prayers. Gareth and Derenda also send their love.

  2. Miller: You are in our prayers. May the Lord touch your body and heal you. May His peace surround you. We are blessed to know you. Be strong Mighty Man of God !

  3. Mil…you are in our prayers and we are believing for a divine miracle from our Lord 😉 You are such a blessing to all that know you. You have helped thousands of us over the years…I have a thousand memories that we have shared…thank you for being ‘you’! You have blessed my children…my career…you have made an everlasting imprint on my life! And we are believing that God will completely heal you…from the inside out. You have so much more to give and more people to bless…so lets get you better so you can bless more people all over the globe 😉
    Mil…Your body contains approximately 125 trillion cells, all of which are controlled by electrical and chemical frequencies. If you can visualize a cell, each little cell has its own special number of electrical and chemical frequencies which circulate around it all the time and keep the electrical and chemical frequencies in harmony and in balance. If they are not in harmony and in balance they will clump up….so with that said… In the Name of Jesus, we command all of the electrical and chemical frequencies in every one of the 125 trillion cells in your body to be in harmony and in balance and digest the bad cells in
    Thank you in advance Jesus for Miller Goodman’s complete healing!!!!!!!!!!! Love you Mil!

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