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Pictures Added

Added Pictures of childhood and adult life of Miller Goodman. Click an album then a picture to view full screen. Play button in the corner plays slide show of all images loaded on page. Scroll down to load more images and/or click “load more” button at bottom of the page to see more pictures.

Memorial Service Video

Memorial service video added. You can watch the entire Memorial Service held at Riverview Church of God in Michigan, April 7th, 2014. Speakers in order: Music, Paul Valo introduction, Dennis Awe, Rev. Ronnie Dykes Рfather-in-law, Kelly Goodman Рdaughter-in-law, Theresa Dykes Рsister-in-law, Rachel Goodman Рwife, Nathan Goodman Рson, Shalisa Goodman Рdaughter, Paul Valo Рpastor.