Florida Memorial Service for Miller

The edited 1 hour and 45 minute memorial service for Earl Miller Goodman held at Christ Church Orlando in Orlando, Florida. Pastor Paul Valo with featured guest speakers:  Linda Stein, Clairece Kibler-Padilla, John Copeland, Shalisa Goodman, along with many friends and colleagues of Miller throughout the years that stand and share their memories and inspirations from Miller Goodman.

One thought on “Florida Memorial Service for Miller”

  1. How wonderful to watch the memorial service in Fla. And hear all the beautiful tributes to my brother, Miller. It doesn’t surprise me that you all felt the way you did about him. He actually told me of his great friends there and how he felt your love for him. It made me feel so good and proud to hear it all. Thank you to Linda and Pastor Paul and everyone who had a part in this memorial. God bless each of you. Miller and I were very close….

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