Yacht Charter Central Agency Agreement

At the end of the day, you are looking for a central agent capable of selling your yacht. Be sure to ask central agencies what planning and system they have in place and intend to sell your yacht. Then you should compare their method with that of others. CENTRAL AGENTS who wish to attend the show without a yacht must register as a broker via the brokerage form on this site. If you are serious about the successful sale of your yacht, you should seriously consider a central agent. However, you must also qualify carefully and choose the right team and broker. There is really nothing more confusing than seeing what appears to be the same yacht, the same images, the same specifications that are listed by several brokers. Does this boat exist? Do you fish here? What is the best way to act? Why do so many people have it for sale? all questions avoided by a “central agent.” While this may seem like a large amount of activity, it is a systematic approach that applies to all vessels they list. One thing that is immediately obvious is the lack of inputs by the broker himself. Because of the hierarchical system of these organizations, a tailored and targeted approach is simply not an option for each vessel.

From the point of view of a brokerage house, a broker generates revenue by selling yachts, paperwork and marketing is ultimately left to another person who has no practical experience with your ship, so a broker can focus on what he/she does best. Now, if you decide to sell your yacht, your real estate agent becomes your “sales agent” who works on your behalf and seeks your best interests. Your responsibility is to market your yacht, evaluate and negotiate buyer offers and guide you throughout the transaction to ensure a successful conclusion. When appointed as dual agents, they must respect the interests of both buyers and sellers by coordinating a mutually acceptable transaction. Central agents in the above categories are automatically accepted into the show, provided their yacht is accepted. Why do you expect there to be an effort? You didn`t trust a brokerage, so why would you try to sell your boat? At the end of the day, you are a boat in a large ocean and a broker is much better at their efforts in selling a yacht they “central agent” on. Of course, the broker can put some effort during the first few weeks, but if this does not lead to results, why spend money promoting a ship that could be sold at any time by another broker and therefore for no return. In the end, a broker is like any seller, he must believe and trust in what he sells to gain the trust of a buyer. If a seller does not have the confidence to name the broker as a “central agent,” how can the broker trust the seller.

To list your yachts, you need your proof of the central agent documents and documents of your yachts. Our 3-step registration process is easy to follow, but if you need help, our customer service team is at your disposal. Most yacht brokers work as real estate agents. They are representatives who are consulted to find and buy yachts, as well as appointed to list, represent and sell yachts.